30 Days Wild :: Day 6 :: Sea Cadet Regatta

The sun beat down for the local (South Yorkshire) Sea Cadet regatta between Doncaster, Thorne, Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield. It was held at Doncaster Sea Cadets on the River Don and in between races, we spent some time spotting some wildlife on the river.

A heron came to visit – we saw it fly in, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a photograph of the fantastic sight of a heron in flight.

There were also the obligatory gulls and ducks (with ducklings)

I can’t post much in the way of photos of actual races, as I don’t want to make anyone not too recognisable, so only a couple of ‘distance’ pics – with Moo rowing in the lead boat.

Doncaster did well on the day, the Junior Cadets winning all their races. Thorne won the bulk of older Cadet events, with Rotherham being successful in the powerboating.  It was lovely to be able to spend a day out on the riverside (although I did get a tad burnt).

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30 Days of Wild :: Day 9

A little mundane, perhaps, but what I think is Broad-leaved Willowherb on the left and Sow Thistles (of some description) and various miscellaneous on the right.  I need to try to remember to bring an wildflower ID book with me when we’re out walking so I can try to better identify plants there and then (perhaps I’d be able to work out what sort of sow thistles the above were, plus the other miscellaneous plants growing around them).

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30 Days Wild :: Day 5

A bit of wildness in the garden, whilst trying to catch up with work that needs doing (there’s a lot of it and very little of it is easy to do with a very young baby in tow).  We will be leaving a few ‘wild’ areas around the garden as we steadily overhaul it.


Moo drilling holes in the sides of pots to help air get to the tomato roots (due to be planted in them).  Unfortunately I can’t do much in the way of drilling, even with HipHop in a sling.

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30 Days Wild :: Day 4


A busy day, with a hospital appointment in the morning and then into the town centre to visit the museum and take Nin to her various afternoon classes.  Whilst there, we took the opportunity to explore the back of the buildings behind Bennetthorpe, by the building where Nin’s classes take place (The Point).  The back of these buildings is a tad abandoned (this car park is unused and cordoned off).


Just visible to the top right is the top of the gate that would have allowed cars through here from the main road.  I don’t think it’s been used for a while…

Various plants grow out of the concrete and walls.


Yellow Corydalis (Pseudofumaria lutea)


Showing that plants will grow pretty much anywhere and even in towns and cities, there’s plenty to find!  The Yellow Corydalis (Pseudofumaria lutea) was a new flower for us, so that’s two new wildflowers that we’ve learnt the names of so far this week!  Why not join in with 30 Days Wild and challenge yourself to learn something new too?

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