Finningley peacocks in May

These pictures were taken in May, when we happened to stumble across the peahen and a rather avid suitor.

Meet Miss Peahen.  She’s a more recent addition to the resident Finningley peacocks who wander wild around that village.


As male peacocks outnumber females, she has a fair few suitors.  Here is one:


She was none too interested and hopped over the wall behind, leaving him alone.  He hung around a while with his tail still up, trying to save face.  We felt a bit sorry for him.

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52 Weeks in Nature: May through June

Fungus and speedwellPossibly my favourite photo of May.  I have no idea what these fungi are, but they looked so pretty with the tiny speedwell growing through.

As we moved through May the sun warmed and the lane that I’ve taken photos of over the course of the year so far has become green and scattered with blossom.


Where possible we’ve tried to ID the various photos we’ve taken (with some help from some of the lovely folk in For the Love of Nature on Facebook).  If you mouseover the photos a caption should come up.

We also had a bit of a wildlife emergency when Nin found a rook with its foot hanging off.  We took it to the vets, but unfortunately they put it to sleep. A huge shame.


Into June

We picked some rose petals. The plan was to make rose petal lemonade, but instead we made rose petal sugar to use in later recipes (and Stinker’s later birthday cake was a rose scented sponge made using some of it).

And not for the faint-hearted – Nin found a nest of spiders at the bottom of our old garden:

Getting out and about in nature is an important part of our home education experience – there’s so much to see and learn, why stay inside?

Lots of thanks to For the Love of Nature FB group who were so helpful ID-ing some of the plants we weren’t sure about!

Joining in with the Magic Onions for 52 Weeks of Nature.

52 Weeks in Nature

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